Little River Co. Hiking Hammock with Straps
Little River Co. Hiking Hammock with Straps

Little River Co. Hiking Hammock with Straps

$ 44.94

With a capacity of up to 400 lbs, the Little River Co. Hiking Hammock provides a cozy, functional outdoor bed that hold will hold you effortlessly. If you’re going solo, you’ll love having this sling all to yourself. Our hammock is a high-quality product crafted of heavy-duty parachute nylon. The fabric is soft and breathable (won’t make you sweat all night), but tough enough to stand up to countless adventures.

Relax under the stars in this lightweight, comfy, hiking hammock- whether you’re deep in the jungle forest or in your own backyard, there’s plenty of room for you to find yourself out in nature while saving endangered rainforest. 


  • 120 in x 56 in (300cm x 140 cm); 27 oz.
  • Strong, breathable and quick-drying woven parachute nylon with custom triple interlocked stitching.
  • Industrial strength nautical grade line and high strength wire gate carabiners support up to 400 lb.
  • Includes Little River Co. poly-filament hanging straps and pouch with compression strap for convenient packing and portability.
  • Little River Co. custom makes their products to the highest quality so they are built to last. Each hammock comes with a three-month full refund or replacement guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.