What happens to the square meters I save?

Every square meter saved through the purchase and redemption of a Cuipo product is donated to One Meter at a Time, our 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to preservation of the tropical rainforest. One Meter at a Time safeguards and preserves each square meter of rainforest in perpetuity. By teaching skills required for gainful employment in preservation, One Meter at a Time employs locals and indigenous groups as park rangers and stewards of the preserved rainforest.


Tropical rainforest covers less than 7% of the earth’s land surface, yet it houses 50% of the world’s estimated ten million species of plants, animals and microorganisms. One hectare of rainforest can hold more than 450 species of trees. Each tree provides a habitat that can host hundreds of species.

A Cure

Rainforest plants, bacteria and fungi have provided the blueprint for many modern pharmaceuticals. Of the plants identified as having elements that could potentially cure cancer, 70% are found only in tropical rainforests. Rainforest preservation facilitates the development of medicine for a multitude of diseases and the discovery of new cures.

Food Security

More than 80% of the developed world’s diet originated in the tropical rainforest. Foods such as corn, potatoes and rice came from this ecosystem. Should an epidemic affect our crops, the genetic diversity of these ancestral crops could help maintain our food supply.

A Better Tomorrow

At Cuipo, we believe there is a way to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to access the rainforest and its benefits. By reshaping attitudes about the environment, we hope to create a sustainable future.